Thursday, January 24, 2013

8 months old!

Emaline has had yet another month birthday.  And, she continues to change, and grow.  She's now up to a little over 20 pounds!

I feel like she's really taken off in her development.  She has just started to crawl and transition from crawling to sitting.  She's speaking sentences!  Well, she says, "Hi, Dada!" She says some other things too...She says, "mama", "ga"(for Gavin), "nite nite", "ka" (for book), "du" (for duck), and of course she says, "dada" and "HIIIIIIIIIIIII! DADADADADADADA!"

She loves eating puffs and anything else that isn't pureed vegetables.  She loves to read, too.  Her favorite book right now is "Violet's House".  She loves petting the dog "upon his fluffy head". 

She continues to be opinionated and as independent as she can be.  She is unaffected by the camera and will not sit still for a minute for me to take any good pictures!  She's getting quite a few teeth at the same time, which has been really bothering her...especially on the day of our photo shoot.  Her teeth and me aggravating her was just too much to take! 


 "I am so done with this, mom!"


She is still our sweet pepper.  I appreciate the different personality that she brings to the table.  Let's see if I'm saying that when she's a teenager...

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