Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving quickly came and went...we had a large gathering over at Gina's house.  Turns out, Danny's two sisters were going to be in town and wanted to join us...we had about 25 people and enough food to feed 50!  Everything was delicious!  Gavin had a blast playing with other kids and their toys.  Uncle Danny took the kids on a hay ride in the back trails.  I think Gavin felt so special because Uncle Danny let him drive the tractor! 

We finally celebrated a very belated birthday for Michelle and a one day early birthday for Gary. 

Speaking of turkeys, the next day was Gary's birthday (love you honey).  Our good friends from Dallas joined us for dinner and cake, as did Michelle and Leonard.  Gary got some cool Saints stuff, including some nice stuff to wear to the game that Sunday! Dad, Ellie, Michelle, Leonard, Gary and I got to go to the Saints vs 49ers game.  Even though it was a horrible game, it was a great time!


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