Thursday, March 24, 2011

The things Gavin says....

I can't believe that I used to be worried about Gavin's speech. He is speaking in 11-12 word sentences, knows his colors, shapes, can count to about 14, recognizes some letters and knows cause and affect (and really has been doing these things for some time) I think he's already smarter than me. He uses "I" and "you" correctly, for the most part and knows how to use "too". He's also so polite, usually. I really could just eat him up!! Here are some of the funny things he's saying lately:

At dinner when he coughs: "Mama-I ok"
At the table eating: "Mama, is that good?"
When I'm out of the room or not engaged with him: "Mama, whatchoo doin?"
When he sees the golden arches of McDonalds: "'M' is for Mama!"
When I'm talking(Nodding his head): "Oh"
When he wants to go to the park: "I take a nap and then I go to the park"
When he's being sweet: "I love you sooooo much, Mama"
When something unexpected happens: "Oh my, what happened?"
When he does something by himself: "Oh look! I did it!"
When he burps: "'scuse me!"
When I burp: "'Scuse you, mama!"
When he gets a cupcake: (singing) "Happ birtday to you, Happ birtday to Dadin"

He is so sweet. I literally could listen to him talk for hours. He already makes so much sense. I hope talking to him never gets old or any less cute than it is right now.