Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A rose by any other name...

Father has so many meanings...daddy, confidante, teacher, friend, etc.

To Gavin, Dada has many meanings...lotion, wet wipes, phone, remote control, monkey, toothpaste, toothbrush and penis, just to name a few. My little guy is stuck on the word "dada". He has 15-20 words that Gary and I understand like: up, snack, outside, apple, nana, cereal bar, ball, no, bath. He can sign several words, too, to get his point across. He follows two step commands and even combines words like, "Hi, Jack Jack!"

A few words we have no choice but to notice...eye is one of them. When he gets on his "eye" kick, he will poke everyone's eye in the room. Then, he will proceed to nose, mouth, etc. Poor Jack gets the brunt of this. When he is on the floor resting after a walk or hard run, Gavin molests his facial area pointing out every landmark. Jack is usually too tired and too patient to move.

I know my child is brilliant so I decided I was going to be super proactive and change this. I'm super over phonetic. Tonight, I was trying to get Gavin to say "monkey". So, I started out..."ma, ma, ma, monkey!" He responded, "ma, ma, ma, dadadadadada!" Hahahaha! I love him so much! Even this is so much fun!

My mom once told me that we wait for our kids to walk and talk and then we wait the rest of their lives for them to shut up and sit down. I'm waiting to test this theory because I don't want him to shut up or sit down....yet!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A few favorite things...

Here are a few of Gavin's favorite no particular order.

Saylor girl.

Mr. Potatohead's tongue.

Corn on the cob.

Play on, under and around the kitchen table.

Driving his pimped out caddy.



Einstein bagels, Dada and Jack Jack.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer vacation...

Our first summer vacation with Gavin was also my 32nd birthday. I have to far it was the second best birthday ever (the best birthday was my 27th birthday when Gary proposed) As we were getting ready to leave for the resort, Gary, dad and Ellie decorated the dining area and bought me a cake. They sang a very melodic, yet off tune version of "Happy Birthday" and we had cake. I had two pieces of the yummy red velvet with cream cheese icing.

Then, off we went to the The Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Alabama. Love it!!! There was so much for us to do there. The day normally started with breakfast and feeding the ducks. We did that every morning. Towards the middle of the week, Gavin would wake up saying, "quack, quack". Some of the ducks were really snatched the bag of food out of Gary's hand! Most of them were very cute and some even ate out of our hands.
Most of the nights ended the same. We went to dinner and then walked back to our hotel. Most nights we walked back along the board walk area that faced the water. It was really beautiful. Gavin even had his first experience with sand and the beach. I think he liked it!
One night on our walk back, Paw Paw decided to dump his coffee out and catch a fish for Gavin in his cup. He didn't catch a fish, but he did find a hermit crab shell. Later on that night, we heard some "scratching" noises. Turns out, the hermit crab shell was occupied. Paw Paw returned the little crab back to his home on the rocks.
Dada and Gavin on a hammock on one of our walks home.

Our days were spent in different ways, depending on the weather. Most of the mornings were overcast, but not raining so went down by the pool. The pool was great!! It had an area that gradually got deeper with a couple of splash areas. Gavin loved it!
We also went for walks down by the marina, bike rides and played "chase" in the room when the weather was bad. We ventured out a bit, too, to eat and to walk around the really cute downtown area.
I only wish there was more sun. We got a couple days of sun at the end of the vacation. It was probably a good thing, because nobody got terribly sunburned.

We went to New Orleans at the end of our trip to say hello to N gee and grandma. We made a visit to one of our favorite places, Lucy's, and made a trip to the New Orleans children's museum.
Over all, it was a great trip!! Gavin did sooo well on the plane rides, and he slept like a champ! He even slept through the fireworks that the July 4th weekend brought. I think he got a little homesick and was ready to come home. He sure was happy to see his Jack Jack!