Saturday, January 5, 2013

7 months old!

Emaline is 7 months the time flies.  Although she didn't have a well visit for height and weight, she did have a sick visit for her first ear infection.  She got through it fine and weighs an impressive 19 pounds 9 ounces!  She has four teeth now as she's gotten a couple on top. 

She is still a pepper and wants most things she can't have.  She's pretty vocal about letting you know what she wants.  She has started to creep...a little bit.  She can really turn herself around 360 degrees when on the floor.  Her most notorious move is the "skydiver".  She lifts her arms and legs up off the floor and puts her head down like she's in a free fall.  Then, she looks up to see how far she's moved, which is not at all.  

It is getting more and more difficult to take pictures of her.  She wants to go all the time!  The only way I got her to hold even a little still for these was the dream light!

Emaline is a sweet, beautiful little girl, and I am having so much fun watching her grow!

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