Thursday, July 30, 2009


This is a little term that Gary and I coined a couple of years ago when he came back from a business trip and found my hair a mess, my legs (and armpits) unshaven, unruly eyebrows, nibbled nails, cardboard feet and dagger like get the picture. I decided that this was not the wife I wanted my husband to come home to. SO, the night before he comes home, I maintainize. If I was smart, I would break this task up over the course of several nights, but I don't. I wait until Thursday night. Very unsmart. Turns out, I'm not the only thing in need of maintainizing. Things are a little more complicated with a house, a dog and an infant. I'm no longer the only one who needs special attention. I like to wash the sheets, clean the floor, fold the clothes, brush the dog and dress the child nicely. I want to make it as nice as possible for my honey when he comes home! So, off I go. I still have to paint my nails and toenails, shave, clean the floor and brush the dog. Maybe I can clean the floor tomorrow...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fun at the Arboretum

Gary, Gavin and I went to the Dallas Arboretum on Saturday. It was supposed to be a cool 92 degrees and overcast. I thought that would be perfect weather!! It turned out to be sooo balmy and humid and just plain uck! It wouldn't have been so bad if there was a gentle breeze, but the air was stagnant. We were all soaked from sweat after being there for only an hour. Even the littlest Marchand was drenched. But, it sure was beautiful. I'm excited about the fall when the weather is a little cooler and more tolerable.

Gary thought this would be a great way to carry Gavin around. Gavin thought it would be funny if he spit up in daddy's hair. Gavin-1, Daddy-0.

Mommy and Gavin walking through Crape Myrtle Allee (that's how they spelled it).

Best picture of the day!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our new rug...

Ain't it purdy? What? You can't really see it? There's too much crap on it? Hmmm....

Well, that's why we got it. Sorta. We've needed a rug for a really long time, but I put it off. They're expensive, and I'd rather spend money on other things. Well, now Gavin is rolling all over the place and has hit his head more than once on the hard wood floors. So, I decided it was time to invest in a big, soft rug we could play on. It just so happens this one was on sale, and it happened to match! Score! We got it in on Thursday and had it down that night. We've already spent lots of time playing on it. Gavin can roll over without hurting his head (he's rolling both ways now) and sitting up is getting easier. Gary and I also enjoy it. We laid down on it and watched a movie Thursday night. Jack likes it too...and so does his hair. Now, all we need in this room to make it complete is a coffee table. I guess we'll get that when Gavin is pulling up on stuff to stand!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Taken for granted...

Ever heard that saying, "you never know what you have until it's gone?" I started thinking about that as it applies to my life. Each stage of my life seems to get so much better, but their are things I realize that I took for granted. Here are some things I came up with:

The top 5 things I took for granted in New Orleans:
1. Being around my family
2. Good food and great company
3. The culture and history
4. Wearing flip flops, a t-shirt and torn jeans to the mall without getting stared at.
5. Night life

The top 3 things I took for granted about being single (I could only come up with 3):
1. Not shaving (and not feeling bad about not shaving)
2. Eating oatmeal cookies for dinner
3. Full control of the remote

The top 5 things I took for granted about living in an apartment:
1. POOL!!!
2. No grass to cut
3. Having carpet in the winter
4. No remodeling required
5. $5 Pizza night

The top 5 things I took for granted before having a baby:
1. Sleep-duh!
2. Holding hands with my husband
3. Working out
4. Christmas parties, happy hour, movies, dinners, etc.
5. Spontaneous trips...anywhere (Hill Country, Gap, New Orleans, Target)

The top 5 things I WILL miss about having an infant:
1. Nursing him in the mornings
2. Rocking him to sleep
3. The sound of his laughter
4. Getting ridiculously excited about every milestone he reaches
5. Baby breath

I don't have any regrets about my life. Too often, though, life seems to pass by so quickly. I hope from this day on, to cherish everyday and everything, because before you's gone.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Transformer uh oh

Yesterday, Gary and I got a babysitter so that we could go see a movie...not just any movie..."Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"! Normally, we buy tickets well in advance on the internet and pick them up once we get to the theater. It's been out since the end of June, so I didn't think we'd have any problems getting a ticket. Well, much to my dismay, the 3:00 showing was SOLD OUT! Sold out? Seriously? In disbelief, I asked the movie attendant girl if this was true. She said that a "group" bought out the theater for that showing! Dorks...what? What are the odds of that? Oh well.

Since we were already out, we decided to see "The Hangover". It was ok. Like most of those movies, they show the really funny parts in the previews. I just really enjoyed a date with my hubby! It was nice to sit next to him and snuggle and to hold his hand as we were walking out of the theater. It's hard to do those things when one of you has to push a baby stroller. I missed the little guy, but I knew he was in good hands.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Gavin's first swim

I was excited to get Gavin in the pool. He seems to really love the water. He did not disappoint! He laughed and smiled the whole time he was in the water. We took him out after about 10 minutes because I was paranoid that he would burn despite the layers of clothes and sunscreen. After all, he is just a pale, white kid as my pediatrician would say!

Jack really loved the water, too! When we got into the pool, he was never far behind.