Saturday, May 26, 2012

And then there were four...

After much anticipation, Emaline Claire Marchand finally arrived Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 12:43 PM. 

I started contracting early in the morning...around 2:30 AM, but they were erratic.  I finally got up to use the bathroom around 5:30 AM and realized I lost my mucus plug!  The flush of the toilet woke Gary up, and I told him it was go time! Once GiGi got here to sit with Gavin, we left for the hospital.  We texted everyone to let them know we were on the way!  Once we got to the hospital and got checked, we walked around for about 15-20 minutes before I decided I wanted an epidural. All I can say is "WOW"!  I didn't feel a thing after that, but I could still move and feel my legs.  I also got started on Pitocin to help the contractions along.  I was so relaxed.  I laid in bed for a few hours and almost fell asleep (my mom was rubbing my arm). By that time almost everyone was there:  Mamaw, Lexis, Aunt Michelle, GiGi and Gavin.  Then, around 12:30, I felt some pressure.  The nurses checked me, and I was complete! Time to push!  I pushed a few times for the nurses as "test" pushes.  I got to kiss Gavin and GiGi goodbye and tell everyone else, "see ya later!" as they left for the waiting room.  Dr. Sullivan set up, I pushed twice and out came Emaline!  They put her on my chest immediately, and I got to look at her and talk to her while Dr. Sullivan finished taking care of me. She was really sweet and stopped crying as soon as I started talking to her.  My first thought was, "Holy crap!  She looks just like Gavin!!"  I got to feed her right away and hold her skin to skin and bond.  After about 15 minutes, everyone came in to meet her.  We all took guesses about how much she weighed...Mamaw was the closest guessing 8.3 pounds, and she was 8.2. After she was born, NaNa got there, and Paw Paw came that night.  We were really blessed to have our family around. 
She's been a great baby so far...pretty easy to please. She eats, poops and sleeps...mostly sleeps. She's such a little angel.  It's uncanny how much she looks like her big brother.

When Gavin saw Emaline his first words were, "Awwwww, can I pet her?"  So far, he's been a great big brother.  He wants to hold her, kiss her, and help all of the time. 

Dada is pretty enamored.  He literally cannot put her down.

I'm pretty fond, too.  Actually, I'm in love.

 Proud big brother

 Gavin putting lotion on sister's feet.

Side by side comparison of the siblings....pretty similar!