Friday, March 29, 2013

silly girl!

Here is a little bit of Emaline's cute personality coming out!  When she sees a "baby" on the floor, she crawls to it as fast as she can and gives it a big hug!  Most times, she picks it up and hugs it for awhile and then tries to crawl off while holding it...that never goes well.  Usually, she ends up putting the baby in her mouth to free up all of her extremities!

Monday, March 25, 2013

10 months old

The months just keep coming, and my baby girl is 10 months old.  I have no idea how much she weighs because we haven't been to the doctor in a month!  Hooray!

Emaline is becoming this funny, beautiful little person, and I just adore her! She is developing the cutest sense of humor, and she has such a great laugh and a precious, toothy smile.  She's still pretty opinionated, but I find it's usually when she's tired or hungry.  Most times, she's happy doing whatever...she just loves being with her family.  She is a daddy's girl, for sure.  He loves her more than she'll ever know! Gavin is pretty smitten...most times.  They are starting to really be cute together...they really play off of each other and laugh at each other.  He tries really hard to take care of her and tends to be a little bossy, but he makes her laugh harder than anyone!  Emaline really loves her mommy and daddy, but her face lights up when brother walks in the room! 

She is crawling all over the place and taking steps while holding onto things.  Her signing has gotten better and so has her vocabulary. She's started stringing together "sentences" along with hand motions.  She does a little boogie when you play a song, and she loves to play hide and seek on her changing table...with a towel, a diaper, or your hand!  She's actually gotten pretty good at it.  She loves singing. "The itsy, bitsy spider" and "Old McDonald" are two of her favorites.  She still loves to read, but her favorite book of the moment is "Where is baby's belly button" by Karen Katz. 

 "Look, brother, no hands!!!!"

I love you sweet girl!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Em is 9 months!

My sweet baby girl is 9 months old. She's seems to be the picture of health! She's 20 pounds 8 ounces and over 28 inches long.  She has now mastered crawling and is already working on standing and walking.  These new found skills have not been without incident,  She's already konked her head on the coffee table trying to pull up.  Big brother tries to "help" when she's getting into things, but he usually just knocks her off balance, and she falls. Ooops. 
She is "saying" all kinds of things and starting to sign pretty well...although a lot of things look the same!  She eats a variety of foods and really enjoys feeding herself.  She's pretty mellow unless there is something she wants that you're not giving her or it's time for her bath and she's not getting it!!  Then, the whining or all out crying begins!  She can be such a doll, too.  She gives great hugs and wonderful (open mouth) kisses! 
Her favorite book it the "Dog" book.  Her face lights up when you ask her if she wants to read.
She is growing so fast, and we love her so much!

 "Where are my keys?"
"I'm outta here!"