Friday, August 24, 2012

3 months old

So Emaline is 3 months old.  Time is flying by....I heard lyrics in a song, "the years start coming and they don't stop coming..." Ain't that the truth?
Emaline is growing well and is still "larger than average" according to the doctor.  She is 12 pounds 13 ounces and 25 inches long.  She is pretty much the size of a 6 month old!  The doctor commented on how well she was holding her head up and how well she was growing.  That's my girl! 
She is cooing and gooing and gurgling and raspberry-ing, especially on the changing table.  She's still pretty mellow, but is certainly starting to make her desires known.  She is starting to have a little bit of stranger anxiety, especially with GiGi and Aunt weird.  She really likes Uncle Leonard, as long as he's not holding her.  But, she is definitely a grandma's doubt about that!  Grandma gets her smiling and talking up a storm.  She's also able to soothe her when she's upset. 
Grandma calls her "little burrito" because we swaddle  her up!  Daddy calls her munchkin, Gavin calls her "prety gurl", and I call her squirt, bubbles, etc.  We all call her "Em" from time to time which I kinda like.  I'm curious to know what she'll want to be called when she's older.
I am enjoying having and dressing a little girl.  I do, however, need a tutorial in bow placement.  Sorry Em! 

 Love this one!  A picture says 1000 words!
 Emaline's model face
 Her silly face

We love you pretty girl!  Keep growing, baby girl! Oh yeah...I call her that a lot, too!

My birthday, 34!

 This year for my birthday, I was ambushed...or, as some people call it, surprised.  I was standing at the kitchen sink getting ready to cook dinner when these cars just start pulling up in front of our house.  My sister and her family, my mom, and Michelle and Leonard pulled up at the same time.  They all came over for a surprise birthday party.  How sweet :)

Delicious BBQ!  I ate so much!
This was my birthday fitting!  Look how crooked it is!  It was delish!
Nom, nom, nom! 
Thanks for the surprise guys, and making me feel so loved. XO

Father's Day 2012

I was going through my camera and found a couple of pictures from Father's Day this year.  I only have a couple because that day was pretty trying and scary.  The morning was fine, although Gavin had a low grade fever.  We just thought it was a cold.  We showered Dada with presents and made him coffee in his new mug.  Then, we went to Paw Paw Howard's for a BBQ.  Everything was fine until Gavin woke up from his nap.  He had a 102 + temperature.  We hurried him out of there to go home.  That was the start of a 3 week saga of his pneumonia that ended with him in the hospital.  Happy to say that he is just fine now. 

Emaline was the star of the show...
Emaline and Paw Paw.

Emaline was a little fussy that day.  She was sooooo tired, but wouldn't sleep no matter what.  I'll never forget...Paw Paw Howard held her and walked around with her humming "Taps" to her...put her right out!  Guess he's done that a time or two or 12 or 15!  So sweet....

Everyone was dressed similarly, and I was going to get the cutest pictures!!  Oh well, guess I'll just have to take cute pictures for no good reason.

Happy Father's Day to my hubby...the best Father I know!  We are so lucky to have you!  We love you!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Big brother

Gavin's life has changed pretty drastically over the last couple of months.  We've been blessed with many new beginnings and plagued with sickness!  But, he handles it with such grace, and I admire him.  He has such a sweet disposition and is so good natured.  His little heart is already so big, and he loves so much!  He is the sweetest big brother!  My only complaint is that he wants to hold/kiss/talk to Emaline too much.  He's really bonded with Jack, too. 

He's still really into cars.  I think it's still his first choice.  But he's also started to play pretend.  I was so impressed when he came home from school the other day with his treasure chest.  He had an eye patch, treasure map, gold doubloons and more.  He was so cute walking around in his best pirate voice pretending to hop on his ship and look for treasure.  He's got a great imagination.  I love the way he walks around "talking" on the phone.  The conversations he comes up with are so funny! And he is pretty hilarious.  The other day my mom fixed him some soup in a big bowl.  He said to her very playfully, "Hey Golini, you serious? I can't eat out of this big bowl! Come on, chief!" 

I haven't taken many pictures in a long time for many reasons.  But today, he just inspired me. 

He actually took this picture.  How cool would it be if he was a photographer?

My little man.  Getting so big.  I love him so much!

2 months old!

Emaline continues to grow well.  At almost 12 pounds, her doctor said that she is an all around "bigger than average" baby.  We'll take that!  She's starting to sleep better and is creating her own schedule, despite what mom and dad want.  She is very opinionated on when she wakes, sleeps, eats and especially when she takes a bath.  She LOVES taking her bathes at night.  She starts to get fussy around 7:00PM until you bring her into the bathroom and get her ready for her bath.  All of a sudden, all is right in the world.  Then, she gets her evening bottle and off to dream land! 

She's also been smiling so much more.  She coos and gurgles and gets so excited!  We love making our little girl smile!  I know I'm partial, but I could just eat her up!!