Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Balancing act

I never thought that having 2 kids would be easy.  I still don't think it is, but so far it has only doubled the work, not tripled it like most people say.  I think the first 3 weeks were down right masterful! (is that a word?)  Things flowed beautifully to make sure Emaline was taken care of and that Gavin had plenty of attention.  Emaline was growing and thriving, and Gavin was dealing with the new addition like a champ.  I expected nothing less of him. 

These last couple of weeks have been a different story.  Emaline is still growing (really fast)! Gavin has pneumonia and is contagious.  Everyone keeps telling me to keep Emaline and Gavin away from each other and rightfully so...if Emaline gets a fever, it's an automatic trip to the hospital with IV's.  Being the primary caregiver for Emaline, I, too, have kept my distance from Gavin so I don't inadvertantly transmit something to her. So, Gavin is sick and feels  like crap and has a mommy who is very distant.  Gary has been a champ taking care of Gavin and making sure all of his emotional and physical needs are met.  But, Gary went out of town this week.  My mom has been here, and I really don't know what I would have done without her, but I still feel like Gavin needs his mommy (and/or daddy).  He has been acting out...a lot.  I feel like all of my interactions with him are yelling, nagging, correcting or punishing him.  I think it's a combination of feeling awful and not having my attention.  I feel so bad for him.  I wish I could snuggle him and make him feel better.  I wish I had the patience to deal with him and his bad behavior without lashing out.  But I can't and I don't.  Mostly because I have this new little life to protect, but how do you explain that him?  He just sees mommy spending lots of her time in her room with Emaline, away from him.  He doesn't really understand that I don't want him near her.  His little face looks so sad when I ask him to move away from her.  He loves her so much and wants to be close to her and me, especially when Daddy is out of town.  NaNa said it best that..."Gavin will never know life without a sister."  That's sweet.  But, it also stinks.  He will never know life without Emaline.  He won't remember how much fun we used to have when it was just me and him.  He was my whole world and got all of my attention.  Maybe it's a good thing that he has to share his time.  I worried about all of my attention spoiling him.  Maybe he'll be a better person because he had to share his time. Maybe it will boost his self esteem because he gets to teach her everything he knows.  I do know that he'll be ok.  And that things will get easier.  I just always hope he knows that I love him and nothing will ever change that. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

1 month old

Emaline is 1 month old today.  I can't believe it's already been a's been a blur. 

She is really starting to develp her own personality.  I would call her "spirited" because she knows what she wants (and doesn't) and complains until it changes or takes matters into her own hands.  For instance, Dada was laying down on the couch with Emaline on his chest.  She started to squirm and fuss because she was tired of being on her belly.  After a couple of minutes, she decided just to roll over...and she did!  Thank God Dada was awake!  Another time we were getting ready to leave, and I put a new toy in her car seat.  It was a pretty obnoxious toy, but she seemed to like looking at it.  She didn't.  She started to fuss and swat at it.  She immediately stopped fussing when I took the new toy out.

She's really strong. She has already rolled over once and gets really close to doing it again.  If put on her stomach, she will scoot small distances, and she holds her head up to look around for minutes at a time. 

And, she's spoiled.  Really.  I know "they" say newborns cannot be spoiled, but "they" have not met Emaline.  I joke that if you want Emaline to wake up, just put her down in her crib.  Because of this, she has had a little bit of trouble sleeping. I blame her Dada.  When we first brought her home, I would put her down in her crib to sleep.  I would come back from whatever I was doing and go in to check on her.  More than once, Dada smuggled her out of her crib to sleep on his chest. She's picked up after so much as a whimper, most times.  Between the hours of 8PM and 3AM, she can be pretty high maintanence, crying for no apparent reason.  Some nights, I have to sleep with her on my chest to get her to sleep.  Or, I have to put her in her fancy new swing (Mommaroo) to sleep, but only after she's been rocked to sleep!  I think she's finally starting to get her days and nights together because now she's up for extended periods during the day.  Her favorite nap spot is...on me wrapped in her sling.  I am flattered...and exhausted. 

She is a sweet little girl.  She's smiles a lot, especially in the morning, which washes away all bad memories and hard feelings from the night before and makes it all worth it.

She is pretty...but I'm biased.  I have had so much fun dressing her, and it's only going to get worse!  She looks so beautiful in this light pink.  I hope she continues to humor me. 

Happy 1 month birthday sweet Emaline.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sick baby...

No, not Emaline (thank God!).

Gavin started with a little cough on Saturday, but I didn't think anything of it.  It's not uncommon for him to catch a little sniffle or cough at school (or as they call it in the summer, camp).  Sunday, he seemed to feel a little under the weather and was running a low grade temperature.  We still decided to go to Paw Paw Howard's to celebrate Father's Day.  After his nap, he woke up with red cheeks feeling very warm.  We took his temperature, and it was over 103.  We packed up and left right away.  I called the doctor, and she seemed to think Gavin could wait to go to the doctor until the morning. 

Gary took Gavin to the doctor the next morning.  Long story (and day) short, a chest xray confirmed he had pneumonia.  The doctor sent him home with antibiotics and breathing treatments.  Gavin has a pretty high tolerence for sickness.  He once had a double ear infection that we discovered at a routine visit.  He usually doesn't act very sick, so when he does, you know it's bad. 

The breathing treatments are pretty terrible.  The medicine makes Gavin jittery and anxious, and he has to sit for several minutes until it's done.  Gary has done a pretty good job of distracting him until the treatment is over.  We have to do this 3 times a day.

If there is one benefit to being sick, it's all the attention and special treatment you get!  Gavin hasn't had much of an appetite, so he gets whatever he has a taste for:  Pop Tart for breakfast? YES!  He gets lots of snuggles and love from GiGi and MaMaw.  The other day, MaMaw came over and treated Gavin like a big baby...complete with rocking and a "baba".  I made sure he knew that he was grandma's baby...I like him as a big boy.

Poor Gary has gotten the worst of it, especially at night.  Usually, I'm up with Emaline, for whatever reason.  Gary gets up with him when he cries, and more often than not, gets thrown up on because Gavin has a coughing fit. 

I hate seeing my baby like this, but now I have another worry.  Emaline.  If she gets a fever or gets sick, it's an ER visit..  They would have to hook her up to an IV and assist her with her breathing. It's been hard keeping him from being around her.  He constantly wants to say, "good morning" or "hi".  He wants to love on her and help out with her, despite the fact that he is sick.  I hope Gavin and Emaline share many, many things, but not this!  So far, she seems to be holding strong.

So, get well Gavin.  And for Pete's sake, stop all that Llama Drama!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fierce lizard hunters!

The other day I was lucky enough to witness something very rare...the Marchand boys on a very dangerous lizard hunting expedition.  Lizard hunting requires a keen eye and quick reflexes.  They caught three lizards, but one little got away.  Watch your back back, little lizard.

The boys checking things out..."I think I hear something, Gavin..."
They spotted one, but it was too quick!

Me:  "Gavin, show me your lizard catching equipment and make a serious face"
Gavin:  "Aaaaaaaaa"

Still not serious...but handsome!
This was the best "serious" face I got.
The lizards home...complete with holes in the roof and water.

The lizards...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Some firsts for sweet Emaline...

First picture...

First time for big brother to hold his little sister.

First car ride!

Emaline's first bath...thanks Dada! Love the towels Aunt Michelle got us!


 First group hug...

  First smile (caught on camera)