Thursday, November 1, 2012


This was our first "holiday" in the new house and Emaline's first Halloween!  GiGi and Grandma drove over for the festivities, and our friends Brian, Alisha and Garrett came over to trick or treat.  We all went out around the neighborhood and Grandma held down the fort at the house and handed out candy.  Gavin was Mike the Knight, Emaline was a dragon and Jack was a horse.  Poor Emaline was so hot in that dragon suit...the head and feet didn't last very long.  Speaking of not lasting long, Jack's saddle lasted about as long as it took me to make it...about 15 minutes. 

Gavin had a BLAST!  He literally ran from house to house, at times screaming with joy!  He knocked on doors and yelled "TRICK OR TREAT!"  "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!" 

We decorated as soon as October came! We had spider webs, giant spiders, ghosts, creepy pumpkins, and pine straw. We did learn a valuable lesson...don't wait until Halloween Day to get a pumpkin to carve. Gary had off on Halloween Day, and we spent most of the morning driving around looking for pumpkins!! We didn't find one pumpkin. But I do have two cutest pumpkins ever!

 Gavin and Garrett
Grandma's burrito!

 Dada, Em and Brian
 My camera couldn't keep up!  This picture says it all...

Grandma holding down the fort!