Thursday, February 12, 2015

Holidays 2014

The holidays came and went quicker this year than last, it seems.  We kept ourselves busy with all of the kids activities and hosting a couple of parties.  We got another beautiful 9 ft. tree Thanksgiving Day, and the kids had a lot of fun decorating it!  We had a couple of casualties...we lost 2 reindeer.  But, the two remaining ones were strong, if underwhelming. 
Our elf, Elf on the Shelf, came back this year, too.  He had some pretty silly antics, but nothing too troublesome.  I think Gavin may figure the elf thing out soon.  He saw a bunch of them at Bed, Bath and Beyond and had a ton of questions!  I explained that they don't get their magic to you take 'em home and name them...blah, blah, blah...My explanation wasn't enough.  He also had to ask the nice lady that worked there, and luckily, she read the book and told him the same thing.  Mostly, Gavin felt sorry for the elves.  He wanted to take them all home to which I said, "that's really sweet honey, but we can't do that"  In my head I was screaming, "%&$* NO!  I'm not hiding 47 elves every night!" 
Both kids had parties at school.  Gavin was busy, busy, busy!  No time for pictures!  He had a blast and was happy that daddy, Emaline and I were there.  Emaline had a "performance".  Her class sang "Rudolph the red nose reindeer."  Most of her class looked like reindeer in headlights, but not my little girl!  Although she didn't sing, she danced her little heart out and had a huge smile on her face the whole time!  She continues to amaze me :)
We watched a lot of Christmas movies and listened to a lot of Christmas music (note to self: we need a new Christmas CD). 
We hosted our second annual "Cul de Sac Christmas".  It was such a fun time!  The grown ups got to talk and hang out while the kids played and decorated cookies.
We made it to Celebration in the Oaks with Gramma, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Leonard and Elise.  It. Was. Crazy! We pre bought tickets for the train, but didn't get to ride.  The line was 1 1/2 hour wait.  The kids got to play and ride some rides.  It was Em's first time riding the car carousel.  She was very serious.  She did not let go of the steering wheel to wave, nor did she smile.  She was very responsible.  Gavin got to ride the bumper cars with daddy this year.  He loved it!  It was his favorite part!
Christmas morning was a very annoyi-, I mean exciting time in our house! Gavin was up at 3:30AM and then every 30 minutes after that.  And although I was really tired, it was so sweet and enduring to see how excited he was.  He got a brand new fire truck for Christmas.  Emaline was the polar opposite.  She woke up late more excited about the cinnamon rolls I made for breakfast than the new stroller with doll.  She also needed a break mid way through opening presents.  It took her 2 days to finish opening her gifts.  She was overwhelmed to say the least! It was great visiting with all of our family!  Already looking forward to next year, sorta....