Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer pictures

It has been entirely too hot to do anything around here!!! Today, we went to the play area on the third floor of the Galleria. Gavin had so much fun climbing and running and jumping! He was talking and screaming in excitement. Next time we go, I'll bring my camera. It's really a great area. We went to eat at Which Wich for the first time. Gavin had a turkey sandwich and chocolate milk. He was so much fun today (as he is most days). It's days like today that make me dread going to work. He's too much fun to leave!

We went to the splash park a couple of weeks ago....right before we hit this streak of 100 degree weather! Gavin seemed to really like it.

He loves to put his finger in the water and make it squirt everywhere!
Here's my sick baby. He went to open house for his "school" on Friday and got sick over the weekend. He had a high fever, sore throat and blisters in his mouth. Ouch! Everytime he put something in his mouth, he cried! So, for a few days, all he would eat were "puffs", which have little to no nutritional value. He drank a lot of milk, though. He didn't want to do anything but sit on the couch and watch his Baby Einstein movie. He's feeling much better now...

Ewww! I got crumbs on my arm!

Gavin and daddy sharing a bowl of cereal.

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