Tuesday, August 31, 2010


On random Fridays during the month, our neighbors invite us over for "White Trash Friday". We call it this because it involves sitting outside drinking beer. The few time I've gone, it's been in someone's backyard, but I think it originated in the driveway in the back of said someone's truck. Pretty white trash...

This one particular Friday, we decided to have a BYOM, or bring your own meat party. Participants were banned from telling jokes about the male genitalia. Other than that, there were no rules. I made twice baked potatoes and a pound cake with berries on it. Tina brought some yummy blueberry cupcakes, and everyone brought the meat!!! We tried to make a turtle- which was a hamburger patty that was basket weaved with bacon and decorated with hot dogs to make it look like a turtle. You were supposed to bake it, but Gary grilled it and it fell apart when he tried to flip it.

Gavin had fun playing with Haelyn and Heather, and he stayed up way too late! He was so delirious by the end of the night!

Haelyn enjoying a cupcake.
Matt and Gary enjoying a heated discussion and Jonathan enjoying some "butt" cake (I don't know why we called it that by the end of the night)
Matt and Amy.
Tina and Heather. The turtle was gone by this point. You can see his remains in the top left corner.

The boys...
My poor delirious baby!

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