Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our day...

I haven't taken a whole bunch of pictures lately, so I decided to get my camera out and capture a portion of our day...

Gavin was playing with the lids. He was trying to put all the lids on the pink bowl of blueberries.

There is a fly (or 2) in the bench seat area. Gavin and I were sitting in the bench seat looking outside when he spotted the fly. He tried to get me to touch it, and I said "no". So, he took my finger with his finger and touched the fly and jumped up and down with excitement at my reaction.This is how Gavin eats a tortilla. He shoves the whole thing into his mouth. That's my boy!!There is normally a HUGE puddle here from rain/sprinklers. Yesterday, Gavin pointed to it and said, "puddle!!!!" I explained to him that it wasn't a puddle anymore because there was no water. Then, we proceeded to sing a song that went like this...."No more puddle cuz the water's all gone, no more puddle cuz the water's all gone, no more puddle cuz the water's all gone" and then whatever I felt like finishing with, "it'll be a puddle again when the sprinklers come on". Today, Gavin walked over to it, squatted and shook his head and said, "no, no more". :)

Making a break for it.

Future underwear model

Gavin messing up my beautiful piece of art. You can't have anything nice with kids...

Jack was outside with us for awhile, but started to get hot, so I let him in. Gavin tried to "rescue" him. Jack looks more demanding than appreciative.

This is why I had kids. Stop looking at it and get to work!

And, this is the look I got in response.


He is THE BEST! We have so much fun together! A couple of other things he did that were funny today.
-I heated up our lunch, but it was too hot to eat. I was holding him at the time, and he started to blow on it. He grabbed my head to make me blow on it, too.
-He watched me smack at a bug outside. Later that day, he started saying "bug" and smacking his hands together.
-He doesn't quite get hide-n-seek. He stands there while you count to 10, then when you say, "ready or not, here I come", he runs.

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