Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A rose by any other name...

Father has so many meanings...daddy, confidante, teacher, friend, etc.

To Gavin, Dada has many meanings...lotion, wet wipes, phone, remote control, monkey, toothpaste, toothbrush and penis, just to name a few. My little guy is stuck on the word "dada". He has 15-20 words that Gary and I understand like: up, snack, outside, apple, nana, cereal bar, ball, no, bath. He can sign several words, too, to get his point across. He follows two step commands and even combines words like, "Hi, Jack Jack!"

A few words we have no choice but to notice...eye is one of them. When he gets on his "eye" kick, he will poke everyone's eye in the room. Then, he will proceed to nose, mouth, etc. Poor Jack gets the brunt of this. When he is on the floor resting after a walk or hard run, Gavin molests his facial area pointing out every landmark. Jack is usually too tired and too patient to move.

I know my child is brilliant so I decided I was going to be super proactive and change this. I'm super over phonetic. Tonight, I was trying to get Gavin to say "monkey". So, I started out..."ma, ma, ma, monkey!" He responded, "ma, ma, ma, dadadadadada!" Hahahaha! I love him so much! Even this is so much fun!

My mom once told me that we wait for our kids to walk and talk and then we wait the rest of their lives for them to shut up and sit down. I'm waiting to test this theory because I don't want him to shut up or sit down....yet!

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