Monday, August 23, 2010

Gavin's first haircut...

After trying to cut Gavin's hair myself, and failing many times, I finally decided to bring him to get a proper haircut. He had so much fun walking around and playing. This place really does cater to kids. But the fun was all over when he sat in the little seat and got strapped in. At first, he was fine. After all, we had been talking about this!! How could he not know what was going to happen! It first started to go wrong when Aurora (girl cutting his hair) put the smock on him and covered up the car in his hands. He started to cry, and he repeatedly pulled the smock off, so we just left it off! With that fiasco behind us, he started to calm down...until he could see Aurora. Every time she came in front of him where he could see her, he started to cry. He also cried random times throughout. A lollipop and some bubbles helped calm him, but overall, it was a tad traumatic for him. Once unbuckled, he was happy to roam around and continue playing. He wasn't traumatized for very long. He didn't want to leave!! Aurora was very sweet to him...and me. She gave me a little plastic baggy for some cut hair and a little certificate with the date on it. (For those of you that don't have kids, I'm sure you're really grossed out right now. Is it gross that I saved the little bell from his circumcision? We threw his umbilical cord out.)

Not getting his hair cut, I just love this picture.
La, la, la...I love life and I'm so happy...oh, and "Truck"
Playing with one of the steering wheels.

Why must I wear this awful thing?!
Momentarily calmed by the sugar.

Again, momentarily calmed by the lollipop. This is a second one because the first got thrown to the floor in his violent attempts to get out of the smock.

Crying with the candy in his mouth.

The after-totally his daddy. He's thinking, "Mom, get that camera out of my face already!"

Here's the back view. Look at those ringlets!
Aurora did a good job. I guess I'm officially retired from the hair cutting business :(

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