Monday, September 13, 2010

BIG helper!

Gavin really is such a big help...mostly. He is really helpful with laundry. I can give him something to carry, and he brings said items to the laundry room. And, if I drop something, he picks it up and brings it into the laundry room for me. Jack has been replaced.

It has been so hot this summer, so in the afternoon, we go outside and turn the hose on and play in the water. Sometimes, spontaneous things happen like washing the car. He wanted to help so I went and got him a little kitchen sponge. He was so cute dipping it in the water and washing the car. He pretty much imitated everything that I did. So adorable. We get pretty soaked from playing in the water.

Gavin found a new hobby the other day while helping me garden. He had so much fun digging in the mud with his little shovel. There is one thing he'll have to get over if he ever wants to be good at gardening...getting himself and his tools dirty! I kept a little trickle on the hose in case he wanted to play in the water. He would go over and dig in the mud and then walk back over to the hose to rinse himself and his shovel off! This happened for about 30 minutes!!
He also tries to help me cook, do dishes, vacuum and sweep and flush the toilet.

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