Monday, October 29, 2012

New house.

We have a new house.  On 75 Piper Lane in Mandeville, LA.  I love this house, and I think everyone is so happy here.  It needs some work, but it's perfect for us, and we will put our touches on it...eventually.  There were a few things that sold me on this house.  I love that it's on a cul de sac in a very small, quiet neighborhood. Although the kitchen needs updating, I love the lay out and the huge bench seat by the big bay window.  I imagined family and friends sitting on that bench while I cooked.  Gary has his own separate space above the garage for his office.  I love the openness of it!  I could go on and on!  It seems to get better every day.  Not only is the house great, we love the area.  My mom told me I can't say, "Yes, it's right down the street" anymore.  We have everything we need so close.  All of my favorite stores are down the street, and we have 3 grocery stores within 5 minutes of our house.  We love the neighborhood.  There are a bunch of kids moving into the neighborhood, and our neighbors are great and friendly. There is a pond in the back of the neighborhood with ducks!  We have ducks!  It's really a great life for us, and I can see our future here.  I can see our kids growing up here and growing old with Gary here. 

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