Tuesday, October 30, 2012

5 months old

I can't believe my little girl is already 5 months old!  She gets more and more beautiful every day!  She is really starting to develop quite the personality!  She is pretty mellow and content, unless she is hurting.  She's been dealing with her teeth lately, and has been pretty grouchy at times...understandably.  She is so active and always moving, except when she's sleeping.  It is really difficult to feed, bathe, dress, or diaper her.  She is constantly trying to roll over.  She kicks her legs and flails her arms.  You can tell she just wants get up and run around with her brother.  She tries really hard to grab things, and most times succeeds.  The other day, I had a bowl of cereal on the counter, and she grabbed it, spilling it everywhere!

She loves her toes!

She is sitting up for up to 30 seconds by herself! 

She is a daddy's girl, and he is so wrapped around her finger.  Dada makes her smile and giggle like no one else can. 

She is still really comfortable with Grandma, but is starting to open up to other people...especially GiGi, Aunt Michelle and Uncle Leonard.

She is copying things we do...like raspberries.  And I could swear she says "HI" in the same high pitch tone in which we talk to her.  She growls and grunts and squeals and squeaks.  She is trying to make her voice heard as the tiniest Marchand. 

She is a precious member of our family, and we all love her so much!


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