Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A boy and his dog...

Only a few short months ago, Jack and Gavin didn't pay too much attention to each another.  But, since Hurricane Issac and our evacuation, they have been pretty inseperable.  It seems like as long as Jack is around, Gavin feels safe and is content.  Gavin brings Jack everywhere with him...outside, up in the game room, in his room (on his bed!) He's very protective of his furry brother.  If I fuss at Jack, he tries to stick up for him.

I think Jack (sometimes) enjoys the attention.  We taught Gavin hand signals and commands, and Jack listens.  Jack acts indifferent and even put out sometimes, but when Gavin walks down the stairs in the morning, he wags his tail and waits for him.  If Gavin goes outside without him, Jack paces by the back door until he can go, too. 

They really are cute together, and I'm so happy they have each other.  Jack was the first to make Gavin laugh, and he continues to make him laugh everyday!

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