Thursday, August 2, 2012

2 months old!

Emaline continues to grow well.  At almost 12 pounds, her doctor said that she is an all around "bigger than average" baby.  We'll take that!  She's starting to sleep better and is creating her own schedule, despite what mom and dad want.  She is very opinionated on when she wakes, sleeps, eats and especially when she takes a bath.  She LOVES taking her bathes at night.  She starts to get fussy around 7:00PM until you bring her into the bathroom and get her ready for her bath.  All of a sudden, all is right in the world.  Then, she gets her evening bottle and off to dream land! 

She's also been smiling so much more.  She coos and gurgles and gets so excited!  We love making our little girl smile!  I know I'm partial, but I could just eat her up!!

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