Thursday, August 2, 2012

Big brother

Gavin's life has changed pretty drastically over the last couple of months.  We've been blessed with many new beginnings and plagued with sickness!  But, he handles it with such grace, and I admire him.  He has such a sweet disposition and is so good natured.  His little heart is already so big, and he loves so much!  He is the sweetest big brother!  My only complaint is that he wants to hold/kiss/talk to Emaline too much.  He's really bonded with Jack, too. 

He's still really into cars.  I think it's still his first choice.  But he's also started to play pretend.  I was so impressed when he came home from school the other day with his treasure chest.  He had an eye patch, treasure map, gold doubloons and more.  He was so cute walking around in his best pirate voice pretending to hop on his ship and look for treasure.  He's got a great imagination.  I love the way he walks around "talking" on the phone.  The conversations he comes up with are so funny! And he is pretty hilarious.  The other day my mom fixed him some soup in a big bowl.  He said to her very playfully, "Hey Golini, you serious? I can't eat out of this big bowl! Come on, chief!" 

I haven't taken many pictures in a long time for many reasons.  But today, he just inspired me. 

He actually took this picture.  How cool would it be if he was a photographer?

My little man.  Getting so big.  I love him so much!

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