Sunday, March 25, 2012

Perfect day in the park.

This past Saturday, Gavin and I had a date at City Park.  The weather was PERFECT, and I was so happy to be outside with my favorite boy.  Gavin was so excited about going.  We started at the play ground until the park opened, and he was already having fun.  Once we got inside the park, he ran to the dump trucks.  Gavin rode this twice in a row.  Next, he ran to the cars.  He rode the blue jeep twice.  It is so funny to watch him ride because you would never think he was having fun.  He is all business.  No smiling.  Minimal waving because he has to keep both hands on the steering wheel.  He managed to lighten up on the train and the carousel...maybe because someone else was driving.  He also had fun on his last ride of the day.  He ran to the pink jeep, and another little boy jumped in the back.  Gavin seemed a lot more relaxed, maybe because of his co-pilot. 

 We stopped very briefly at Story land, and he got to drive the fire truck.  I think we'll stop there first next time...

All by himself.

Two hands on the wheel!



 Much more relaxed....but still keeping two hands on the wheel.

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