Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

This past weekend was Easter, and it was busy! We spent time with lots of family, and Gavin loved every minute of it!  We pulled up to GiGi's house for Saturday brunch, and Gavin saw every one's cars parked outside.  He got so excited!  We had a delicious brunch and spent time with family.  GiGi took Gavin on the four wheeler and Uncle Leonard tagged along!  After nap, we dyed eggs.  Later that night, GiGi babysat while Gary and I went out for a much needed date.  When we got back, GiGi and Alexis were up with Gavin putting faces on his eggs.  

 GiGi put red dye on her nose to look like Rudolph...
 Gavin also dyed his nose...monkey see monkey do!

The next morning was Easter!  I, er, the Easter Bunny, left some plastic eggs filled with candy around the house as well as an Easter basket.  Gavin woke up at 6:45AM and snuck into our room to wake us up.  He had a plastic egg in his hand, and said, "Look what the Easter Bunny brought me!"  Sweet guy.  He was so excited about one little egg...we, I mean, he could have gotten off pretty easy!  Gary and I got up to show him where his Easter basket was.  It took him a minute to find it, but he was pretty thrilled once he did. 

 He spotted it!

The Easter Bunny brought Gavin some candy, some underwear (Wonder Pets), a cookie, a Charlie Brown Easter movie, and a "computer".  What a lucky boy!

Later Easter Day, we went to Paw Paw Howard's house.  It was a beautiful day!  The Easter Bunny brought us yet...more...candy!  And cake!  And ice cream!  We had an Easter egg later that day in the front yard.  Gavin, as usual, was all business.  He was so serious looking for Easter eggs!

 The "peanut gallery"
Finally smiling!  He got one!
 The Marchand boys
 Ewwww!  It's a tumor!
 IT was toooo cold to go swimming!  It didn't keep us from going outside, though!

 Paw Paw always finds a way to make fun!  They were "fishing" with this net.  Gavin was entertained doing this for a good 15 minutes!  Paw Paw would bring the net up and ask, "Did we catch anything?" and Gavin started saying, "YES!" What a little teaser!
I was really grateful to be in New Orleans this weekend.  I know that if we still lived in Dallas, we never would have made it in for Easter, especially since I'm so pregnant.  It was another great weekend!

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