Monday, March 19, 2012

Busy weekend...

This past weekend was a busy one! Friday morning started not so fun with a doctor's appointment-Gavin's 3 year old appointment.  Luckily, he didn't have to get any shots.  After nap, we met Na Na, Paw Paw Howard and Sara at the aquarium.  Gavin and Sara had so much fun!  They held hands and ran around all afternoon. 

 A classic picture inside the giant jaws!

 This is a new exhibit they have at the aquarium.  You walk into this outside "room" filled with parakeets.  You can purchase a stick of food for $1.  These birds have no fear and will fly right onto your arm to eat, literally, out of you hand.  So cool!  Gavin loved it!  Sara? Not so much!

 We ended the day by letting the kids run around outside for a bit to burn off the ice cream and chips we had as a snack.  The weather was amazing!  We walked to the River Walk for dinner in the food court.  Great day!

Saturday morning, we woke up for a family outing.  Later that night, Ma Maw and Joshy Poo came over to babysit while Gina, Danny, Gary and I went to dinner out in the Marigny at a place called Adolfo's.  It definitely is an interesting part of town, to say the least.  Dinner was great and so was the company.  We got a really pleasant surprise when a St. Patrick's Day parade rolled right down Frenchmen.  We got to watch some of it from the window of the restaurant, and, after dinner, we stood around and watched it for a little while.  Fun stuff. But, we had to hurry home before Ma Maw turned into a pumpkin. ;)

Sunday, we had a birthday party for Gavin's other best friend, Mason (Sara is also his best friend).  It was at the Monkey Room, a place we know all about!  Gavin's favorite part was the bounce house.  He had a blast, although I think he is a liar.  Daddy seems to be his best friend of all...he wanted him to play with him the whole time.

Sunday night ended with family dinner.  The whole crew came over for Thanksgiving feast!  Turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, mac n cheese, cranberry sauce, biscuits and my favorite...cheesecake. :)  My new thing for family gatherings is dessert.  I love to bake and now I have a bigger group (instead of just me and Gary) to bake for.  It looked purdy and tasted pretty good too!  Already wondering what I'm going to make for next week!

Gavin really does love having his family around.  He talked all night about how much fun he had and how he really missed everybody.  We'll do it again next weekend!

April is a pretty busy month with lots of fun stuff planned.  Then, before we know it, summer will be here and so will the new baby!

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