Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas adventures...

Christmas was closer to family, we were able to attend all the Christmas activities.  The first Christmas activity was the 2nd annual Christmas cookie decorating party at Michelle and Leonards's.  Leonard prepared the day before and started baking cookies at 10:00AM.  He baked 8 or 9 different kinds of cookies, two of which we were gently forced to decorate: sugar and gingerbread.  Gavin had fun, but has not figured out moderation.  I guess he decorated his cookie the way he wanted to eat it.  They made him a very special "G" cookie that he promptly decorated.  There was a heap of cookies.  The pictures below cannot even begin to explain the amount of cookies!  

The cookie Gavin decorated all by himself!
Only a portion of decorated cookies.

We had so much fun at Michelle and Leonard's, we thought we'd give it a shot.  Christmas Eve we baked (only a dozen) cookies for Santa and decorated them.  GiGi stopped by on the way to Karen's to help, too.  

Finished products!  Santa ate almost all of them!

Gavin helping me icing the peppermint cake we made. 
I think he got more icing on his face, then on the cake ;)

Christmas Day was hectic!  Gavin woke up is his normal fashion...yelling for Dada.  Gary went upstairs to get him to show him the present Santa left.  I waited anxiously at the bottom of the stairs with my video going trying to capture the moment.  Instead I hear, "Dada, I gotta go poop"  So, I continued to wait...Once he finally came down, he was super excited!  He rode his new bike all morning!  Once we finished opening gifts at our house, we got dressed and went to GiGi's house.  Apparently, GiGi heard a raucous in the shed outside and found MaMaw and Santa in the shed with another toy for Gavin...So, I put the turkey in the oven and we went.
Gavin helped Jack open his present.

I'm unwrapping the present Gavin made for us at school.  The only time Gary picked up the camera...trying to get a picture of me crying.

Seeing his tractor for the first time...

Santa left him this cool microphone, too. Gavin provided a little Christmas entertaining.
Uncle Danny enjoyed his Christmas present!!
Later that day, Michelle and Leonard came over. And Gavin got more presents!

Gavin's "Risky Business" moment...move over Tom Cruise!
It's an LSU Christmas!

We had everybody over our house for dinner.  Everything was delicious!  The next afternoon, NaNa, PawPaw, Sara, Michelle and Leonard came over to celebrate.  And there were more presents! Gavin and Sara played so well together! We hung out all afternoon and watched the Saints whip up on Atlanta and Drew Brees break Dan Marino's passing record. 

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