Friday, December 2, 2011

BIg boy bed!

We decided that it was time to put Gavin in a big boy bed.  After a lot of deliberation between Gary building and bed and buying a bed, we decided to buy one.  Gary wanted to build him a "scooper truck" bed complete with working parts.  Cute idea, but I know our little worker would be really preoccupied with his new "toy" and get very little sleep.  So, we went for the generic blue race car...mostly because I thought the Lightning McQueen car was entirely too busy and limited the sheets and quilt we could put on it.  Gavin doesn't know the difference and loves his Lightening sheets.  His pillow case has two different with Lightening and one with Francesco on it.  He flip flops just about every night.

The first night was a little difficult.  He stayed up talking for a couple of hours.  I don't know if he was scared or excited or a little bit of both.  Finally, he called for some water.  Gary went up and laid down with him for a bit and that seem to comfort him enough so he could go to sleep.  He's been a real champ ever since.  He only got up one time (from a nap) without calling me first.  He does let me know every time he calls for me and I go up that, "Dada said I don't have to call you...He said I can get up all by myself"  Gary has no recollection of this. 

I have to admit that I LOVE him sleeping in a big boy bed.  I get to lay down with him and read books and snuggle with him before bedtime.  Right now, it's my favorite thing!  I'm ashamed to admit this, but sometimes I would crawl into his crib and snuggle with him.  It's hard not to when he pats the mattress and says, "Come on in, Mama"  I wasn't always so excited about him getting a big boy bed.  On top of worrying that he would climb out of bed and hurt himself or wake us up, it symbolizes him growing up.  I realize that he is not a baby anymore, and I can never go back.  But, I have to let him grow up and enjoy every second of it!  I sure have enjoyed every stage so far...and I sure do love him!

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