Monday, November 21, 2011

My big boy...

This week we started to potty train Gavin.  I was skeptical and nervous for a couple of reasons: diapers, although disgusting, are really convenient, and it would mean my big boy is growing up.  Well, we brought his potty downstairs, and he almost immediately began to use it!  He hasn't had one dirty diaper in almost a week!  Strangely enough, wet diapers seem to be more of a challenge.  Maybe we need to up the anty on wet diapers.  He has even been going to the bathroom in public although I feel like I have to issue a public apology everywhere we "pee" because the boy does not know how to aim...yet.  The other night while we were at dinner, Gary took him to the bathroom.  When he got back to the table, he told the waitress who applauded and congratulated him.  The couple behind us clapped, too.  Then, last night we went to dinner and Gavin told me he had to make a "ba loop" (the sound poop makes when it hits the water-he came up with that all by himself).  So, we went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet.  After about 15 minutes, he was finished!  What a big boy!  Apparently all the time in the bathroom created a bit of a fuss outside the bathroom by someone waiting to use the toilet.  C'mon!  As we were leaving, a random stranger said "hi" to him.  Gavin proceeded to tell said stranger that he did "ba loop" on the potty.  Confused, the man looked to Gary for a translation.  Gary quickly told the stranger Gavin pooped on the potty.  The stranger then pointed out that Gavin had some water on his shirt to which Gary replied, "That ain't water."  Geez.  Anyway, I'm so proud of my big boy.

We also got him a big boy bed.  We decided to buy him a twin race car bed.  We haven't set in up yet because we are doing some stuff to his room (painting, etc).  He got some Lightning McQueen sheets, and I'm contemplating Curious George sheets for Christmas.  I hope he loves his new bed.  I hope he will sleep in his new bed!!  I'm sure this transition will be just as easy as all the other ones for my little man.

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