Monday, July 13, 2009

Transformer uh oh

Yesterday, Gary and I got a babysitter so that we could go see a movie...not just any movie..."Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"! Normally, we buy tickets well in advance on the internet and pick them up once we get to the theater. It's been out since the end of June, so I didn't think we'd have any problems getting a ticket. Well, much to my dismay, the 3:00 showing was SOLD OUT! Sold out? Seriously? In disbelief, I asked the movie attendant girl if this was true. She said that a "group" bought out the theater for that showing! Dorks...what? What are the odds of that? Oh well.

Since we were already out, we decided to see "The Hangover". It was ok. Like most of those movies, they show the really funny parts in the previews. I just really enjoyed a date with my hubby! It was nice to sit next to him and snuggle and to hold his hand as we were walking out of the theater. It's hard to do those things when one of you has to push a baby stroller. I missed the little guy, but I knew he was in good hands.

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