Saturday, September 13, 2014

Summer 2014

We have definitely had a full, fun, busy summer 2014!  We went on 2 family vacations this year.  The first one was the end of June to Orange Beach at the Phoenix 6 and the other one was the Grand in Point Clear, AL.  
The week in Orange Beach got off to a rocky start.  Emaline got sick the night before we were supposed to leave with hand, mouth and foot.  She had a pretty high fever, and it was very uncomfortable for her to eat/drink much (except the yummy strawberry milk daddy got her).  It was also the busiest I have ever seen Orange Beach so the traffic was backed up and the local grocery store was very busy.  But, we got through the night with just a little complaining from Em.  She really was such a trooper.  She felt better and better as the week went on.
It was supposed to rain every day the week we were at the beach, so every sunny morning, we hit the ground, or beach, running.  It only rained 1 day.  We really maximized our time at the beach and the pool this year.  Nana, PawPaw, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Leonard, Elise and Sara were there to make it even more fun!  We had a special game we played any time we had to catch the elevator. There were 4 elevators so we each picked the elevator we thought would come first.  Mommy was the ultimate winner.  I think I picked 16 right with a streak of 10 in a row!  Lucky?  Absolutely. 
Then, for Labor Day, we went to the Grand.  It was perfect weather and always a great time.  We had a wonderful view of the bay, and we were really close to the beach.  Gavin and Daddy rented a jet ski and went on Gavin's first jet ski ride.  I'm pretty sure he had fun but after about 20 minutes, he was done.  For those 20 minutes we were on the beach playing/watching daddy and Gavin on the jet ski, Miss Emaline got bitten by a red ant between her toes which caused her whole foot to balloon.  She was a little grouchy as a result of the itchy ant bite and fighting sleepiness because of the Benadryl.  Gavin made a friend that he played with all weekend.  His name was Michael Jackson Paul Peter Davis Matthew.  I wonder if we'll remember this joke in 20 years when we reread this blog ;)
Mommy and Daddy went to Atlanta for the Saints opening game for 2014.  The Falcons won, but we still had a great time.  We missed our kiddos something awful, and it was great to be back.
In between the trips, we had a lot of fun with adventures in our own backyard.  There were trips to splash pads (or squirt parks as Grandma calls it), parks, the zoo, the aquarium, the insectarium, Children's museum and so was a great summer!

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