Thursday, September 11, 2014

Emaline is 2!

Well...she was 4 months ago...I have a little catching up to do.  AND, I cannot find the pictures of her birthday party!  She had an ice cream party complete with a make your own ice cream station and root beer floats.  It really was cute.  I cherish these parties at home because I know too soon she'll want to have parties at bouncy house places where I will have little to no chance to decorate! 
So, my baby girl is TWO.  She continues to be such a special person.  She is so sweet and so snuggly.  She is so fun and so adventurous.  She is so smart and so aware.  She is a joy to be around...once you know her.  She is not easy to get close to, but once you do, it is worth it.  Her love is unconditional and intense.  I cannot imagine my life without her, and I don't want to.  I do want to freeze time, though, and always remember her like this.  She is my perfect, beautiful, smart little girl, and I love her so much.  Happy (belated) birthday, little girl.  You are loved by so many and have made many lives richer. 


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