Saturday, September 13, 2014

School time.

This year my big guy started kindergarten.  It has been a bit of a tough transition for all of us.  His school day lasts from 8:45 (the time I drop him off) until he gets off the bus (yep, I said big boy wants to ride the bus!) at 4:15.  He's often tired (and grouchy) and always hungry.  He chose to eat what they serve in the cafeteria every day, and he picks his snacks.  That would explain why he's hungry because he picks chips or popsicles.  He is learning and gaining a real appreciation for writing and drawing.  He is sharpening his social skills and sometimes needs help following the rules.  I know he'll get it, though. 


Our sweet baby girl started school, too.  As expected, she cried most of the first 2 weeks, and I had to pick her up early.  It's especially heartbreaking when you ask your 2 year old how their day was and they respond with, "I cried. I cried on the play ground for yooooouuuuu!"  Then, there is the heartbreak of the random crying because she doesn't want to go to school and the not wanting to get in the car and the "Please don't leave me, mommy!"  I should enjoy this time and the fact that she wants to be with me.  I know all to soon she's going to have her own life with her own plans and friends, and she won't need mommy so much anymore. 

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