Saturday, May 11, 2013

Strawberry fields.

This past Wednesday, we went to pick strawberries with some girls and boys from the neighborhood.  We got lost on the way there because my phone GPS dumped me off in the middle of no where!  After some good advice from the 4 year old ("Mom, why don't you call Kaiden's mom?"), we finally made it there!
We paid $10 for a flat and six, small plastic containers.  It took a while to fill them...partly because Gavin and Luke were eating them as fast as I could pick them!  They were delicious and sweet right off the vine!  After about 10 minutes of picking strawberries, the boys wanted to run and splash in the mud and play in the sand.  Boys...So, Katherine and I finished picking while the boys frolicked (or whatever boys do).
When we went back to our picnic site, Ms. Becky had a chicken.  Yep, she ran down a chicken for the kids to pet.  We ate lunch and headed home.  It was a fun, dirty, muddy, delicious, hot time!

 Gavin wanted to play on the tractor!
 I know you're excited, but it's the wrong color!

 Strawberry face!

Yes, I'm wearing two hats.  Didn't want to lose it, and I needed two hands to hug my boy!

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