Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shower of love....

This past weekend, my mother-in-law and her beautiful granddaughter threw me a tea party at the Windsor Court.  It was so much fun to get dressed up...hat and all.  The food and tea were so good!  And there was plenty to eat!  I was mildly worried that Emaline and I would be hungry after the tea.  There were tea sandwiches, scones and then delectable desserts.  The tea was delicious too.  After dessert, we opened presents.  I received lots of fun presents.  One in particular brought me to was a towel embroidered with Emaline's name on it.  It felt real, and I could imagine holding her in it. Here are some pics from the occasion.  Special thanks to Michelle for snapping some pics.  Thanks Ellie and Sara for the lovely day!  

My hostesses and me.
Me, Gina, Alexis and Mom
Emaline Claire Marchand getting some love.
My two sisters and Lex

Me, Alexis and Gina.  They all humored me and wore hats!

A pillow with my nursery theme

An emotional moment...

So cute! Crawfish smocking

A tea set for Emaline

A candid shot of the photographers...

Yummy tea sandwiches

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  1. Oh my goodness! I love her name and you look so beautiful! Makes me miss all of you! So sad I couldn't be there but sending my love your way! :)