Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter storms in Dallas?

For almost a week now, most of Dallas has been shut down because of a winter storm that moved through this past Tuesday. Gary had off of work from Tuesday through Friday. Gavin was really excited to have Dada home.

The first morning, they made pancakes using the fun, smaller whisk that I bought for Gavin. I think he may have gotten more pancake on the counter than in the bowl!!
"Helping" Dada cook pancakes.

After breakfast, the boys got dressed to play in the "snow". There was no real snow...just a whole lot of ice. In fact, there was a giant sheet of ice on the ground. But that didn't stop us from going out to play.
Jack's Frisbee got iced in the ground and Dada dug it out for him.
Showing Gavin the sheet of ice.
My bundled up baby.
It stayed pretty icy the next couple of days. It was pretty unpleasant and scary to be outside because of all the ice. THEN, we woke up on Friday morning to 5 inches of powdery snow! I had to go to work, but the boys played outside for awhile. Jack, Gavin and Dada act like little kids in the snow :) When I got home from work, we went back out to the park. Gary went to get the neighbors for a friendly snow fight. Matt, Amy, Jonathan, Tina, Gary, Gavin, Jack, Odin and I all played in the snow for a while. It was a blast! The boys ran around pelting each other with snow balls and the dogs jumped and tumbled and rolled around in the snow. Everyone had a great time. My feet got really cold and I had to leave to put thicker socks on. I was a little sad that I didn't have better cold weather gear because it was so beautiful and so fun to be outside.

Gavin brought his "Scooper truck" to the park

Gavin decided he was tired of walking around in the snow and hitched a ride with Aunt Tina.

Snow balls flying!!

Uncle Jonathan and Dada being silly.
Our backyard

Today the snow started to melt. It made these really cool icicles on the side of our house. It really has been beautiful the last couple of days. It's supposed to snow again tomorrow and Wednesday. If it does, we'll play in it again...but I sure am ready for Spring :)

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