Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter is making me FAT!

We had another snow day on Wednesday...more of an ice day, but it made it dangerous to go outside, and, you guessed it, we stayed inside all day. Gavin and I were a little stir crazy so we started to bake. I started looking for stuff we had around the house and found a pie crust and some apples. So, we made some apple turnover type things. We rolled out most of the crust and ate the rest :) Gavin used his very own baby rolling pin that he picked out himself. They came out pretty good! I didn't follow a recipe or anything...just being creative.

Then, once we were done with those, we started making cupcakes and cookies to bring to his teachers on Friday. Gavin helped me crack, well, crush the egg (there was a disclaimer on all baked goods about egg shell remnants) and stir all of the other ingredients in the bowl. I had to wipe his hands a few times because he kept dipping his little fingers into the bowl!

THEN, we made muffins for his class. We were responsible for making snack on Friday, so we just got a jump on it. These are all the sweets I've been tempted with the past couple of days. My mom sent some really cute M&M's for Valentine's Day/Gavin's bday with his face on it and some other sayings. I also have a giant red lollipop, kisses, and then all the other aforementioned sweets.
These are what the teachers boxes turned out like. I put 3 heart shaped cookies on the bottom and a cupcake on top of that. To fill the space, I put some red, pink and silver kisses in the box.

Gavin had fun giving these to his teachers, and they turned out really cute!! Gavin is such a great little helper! Maybe now that the weather is warming up (this week at least), we can do fun things outside instead of being inside cooking/baking/eating!! Gary and I did start P90X a couple of weeks ago. I have to think all this junk food is sabotaging my diet!!

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