Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This weekend...

This weekend, Beth came to visit us! Gary went to New Orleans and Baton Rouge for a boys weekend to watch the LSU/Florida game. So...Beth came up here to hang out with us! She flew in Friday night, so we just hung out and caught up. On Saturday, Gavin saw Beth again for the first time since he was 6 weeks old (and quite colicky). I was worried how he would greet her because he's at this weird stranger anxiety stage. She woke up on Saturday morning and came and sat on the rug with us. He crawled right up to her and said hi! He wanted her to pick him up! How great is that?!?
We planned to go to the Arboretum to take some pumpkin patch pictures. We drove by and the entrance was blocked off. It was sooooo busy that they closed the parking lot, diverted would be visitors to an off site parking location, and offered a shuttle...not worth it. So, we drove to a local church who has a pumpkin patch. They were great!!!! And best of all, not busy! We got some great pictures...
I got a babysitter on Saturday night so Beth and I could go to a sports bar and watch the LSU game. It was so empty in there! We sent Christy there an hour early to get a table and that was horribly unnecessary! Was everyone else at the game?? Oh well. We had fun. I was drunk (and hungover) after 3 beers. What a light weight!!!
Jack had his "therapy dog test" (aka temperment test) on Sunday. Beth, Gavin and I took Jack for a long walk to try to get rid of some of his energy. He got a bath and a blow dry and was all ready to go! He did so great with all of the obedience stuff and tolerating noise and being poked and prodded. His biggest down fall...his energy and love for people! He was a nut case when anyone tried to touch him! He jumped and licked and acted more excited than I'd ever seen him! I knew he wasn't ready, but I had no idea he would be such a nut! Half way through the test, Linda says, "D, he's not ready". Duh. I tried not to cry. My boy failed. He was set up to fail by me and all the people encouraging me to test him. He's still just a puppy at 18 months old! He'll test again in February, maybe. I would love for him to be a therapy dog, but, if he's not, that's ok too! He's perfect for our family and so great with Gavin.

Gary came home Sunday and Beth left Monday. LSU lost, and it was rainy, but it was still a great weekend!

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  1. What a great weekend!! Gavin is adorable as always! And you look great! Sorry about Jack...but he IS a great dog. He will pass...practice makes perfect!

    Much love to you guys!