Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I didn't realize that babies pose for pictures at such a young age. But now I realize that Gavin does pose for pictures, just not the way his two closes friends do. When Saylor and Ian see a camera, they turn to it and smile.

As you see, Gavin either ignores the camera, or does his best impression of Blue Steel (Zoolander reference). I once heard an interview with Shaquelle O'Neal about the commercials he does. He says his smiles reflect the amount of money he gets paid. A low paying job gets a smirk, no teeth showing. A high paying job gets the biggest, open mouth smile possible. I think Gavin has adopted this policy, too. When we try to take pictures by calling his name or making funny clicking noises, he phones it in. But, when we put the work in, by singing "Old McDonald" or making pigging noises, he really gives us all he's got!

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