Friday, June 22, 2012

Sick baby...

No, not Emaline (thank God!).

Gavin started with a little cough on Saturday, but I didn't think anything of it.  It's not uncommon for him to catch a little sniffle or cough at school (or as they call it in the summer, camp).  Sunday, he seemed to feel a little under the weather and was running a low grade temperature.  We still decided to go to Paw Paw Howard's to celebrate Father's Day.  After his nap, he woke up with red cheeks feeling very warm.  We took his temperature, and it was over 103.  We packed up and left right away.  I called the doctor, and she seemed to think Gavin could wait to go to the doctor until the morning. 

Gary took Gavin to the doctor the next morning.  Long story (and day) short, a chest xray confirmed he had pneumonia.  The doctor sent him home with antibiotics and breathing treatments.  Gavin has a pretty high tolerence for sickness.  He once had a double ear infection that we discovered at a routine visit.  He usually doesn't act very sick, so when he does, you know it's bad. 

The breathing treatments are pretty terrible.  The medicine makes Gavin jittery and anxious, and he has to sit for several minutes until it's done.  Gary has done a pretty good job of distracting him until the treatment is over.  We have to do this 3 times a day.

If there is one benefit to being sick, it's all the attention and special treatment you get!  Gavin hasn't had much of an appetite, so he gets whatever he has a taste for:  Pop Tart for breakfast? YES!  He gets lots of snuggles and love from GiGi and MaMaw.  The other day, MaMaw came over and treated Gavin like a big baby...complete with rocking and a "baba".  I made sure he knew that he was grandma's baby...I like him as a big boy.

Poor Gary has gotten the worst of it, especially at night.  Usually, I'm up with Emaline, for whatever reason.  Gary gets up with him when he cries, and more often than not, gets thrown up on because Gavin has a coughing fit. 

I hate seeing my baby like this, but now I have another worry.  Emaline.  If she gets a fever or gets sick, it's an ER visit..  They would have to hook her up to an IV and assist her with her breathing. It's been hard keeping him from being around her.  He constantly wants to say, "good morning" or "hi".  He wants to love on her and help out with her, despite the fact that he is sick.  I hope Gavin and Emaline share many, many things, but not this!  So far, she seems to be holding strong.

So, get well Gavin.  And for Pete's sake, stop all that Llama Drama!

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