Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's carnival time!

This past Saturday, Gavin went to his first ever Mardi Gras parade.  It was the perfect situation!  We met Paw Paw, NaNa, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Leonard, and NaNa's family at Impastato's.  We parked at Impastato's, ate a delicious dinner, then walked a block to Severn when the parade started.  We had access to the bathroom all night long!  The only problem...IT.WAS.COLD!  So cold!!!  But, Gavin was bundled up and had a hat and gloves.  He had so much fun!  At first, he was a little overwhelmed by all the activity and wanted to get in the police cars and on the floats.  Once he realized he was a spectator, he jumped right in!  It didn't take long before he was yelling, "Hey, Mister!!! Throw me something!"  And they did!  He got tons of beads, stuffed animals and doubloons!  Although he had fun chasing floats, I think he had even more fun dancing to the bands.  After the parade, we walked over to Morning Call for beignets and hot chocolate to thaw out.  He thoroughly enjoyed those beignets! 

 Sara and Gavin at the parade.  He looks like an eskimo!

Licking the plate...because the sugar on his beignet wasn't enough.

Isn't this what everyone does with their beads?

Gavin had a blast!  He can't wait to go to his next parade.  I think he's going to fit in here just fine!

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