Thursday, October 13, 2011

Starting over...sorta

Our house is officially sold.  We closed this morning and everything went off without a hitch from start to finish.  The movers came yesterday and all of our stuff is on the road to New Orleans. Since it's been a while since I've blogged...let's back track.

Gary and I decided about 4 months ago that it was time to move "home".  I was pregnant with our second child and feeling very isolated and alone in Dallas with no family around.  We have made close friends, but they were all busy with their lives.  Although we lost that baby it still felt right.  So, we put our house on the market and the rest is history. 

Our stuff was delivered in Gretna on Monday, October 3 and we've been trying to settle in ever since.  We're lucky to have a place to stay until we buy a place of our own.  My sister has a house that was vacant, so we're staying here.  We'll save money and really take our time looking for our dream house. It's challenging because we know we won't stay in this area, but we can possibly move across the river or across the lake.  We don't know where we'll live so it's hard to know where to set up our doctors, Gavin's school, etc.  For now, we have my doctor and Gavin's school set up across the river. 

It's been stressful with all the changes, but we're closer to family.  We've already had one family dinner over my house, and Gavin has enjoyed spending lots of time with his GiGi.  It's been really nice to have her come over and hang out with Gavin while we go to Target or a Doctors appointment, etc.  It's been nice to go over there, too, and ride four wheelers and hang out outside. 

Gavin is in a new school called the Little Red Schoolhouse of Metairie.  I really love it.  He has three different classrooms: one for story time, one for play time and one for fine motor skills and crafts at a table.  He also has a huge outdoor play area with lots of cars to ride.  I love that he's with kids his age, too.  He did so well on Tuesday until the very end of the day.  The car pool lane did him in! I got out of the car to get him, and he was red faced and starting to cry.  He told me he "waited and waited and waited" for me to come.  He waited 3 minutes.  After a few minutes he was fine and chatting.

We're all settling in and getting ready for our new life!

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