Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

It's hard to believe that this is already my third Mother's Day! Gavin didn't really have anything planned, so Gary stepped up to help him out. Early Sunday morning, Gary slipped out of bed and started making breakfast. He then packed a picnic basket with everything that we needed to have a picnic out by the lake. Apparently, he scoped out a place we could sit and eat breakfast and feed the ducks and geese afterwards. Breakfast was great! Gary made breakfast burritos and individually wrapped them in foil. He also made some "to go" coffee. He thought of everything...blankets, bread, bug spray, camera, water, snacks for Gavin. It was truly a stress free experience...until we fed the ducks/geese. Geese are creepy. They have little teeth in their little beaks and horn like structures on their head. They make a sound that only a mother could love and they don't smell much better. And they are big! Bigger than Gavin! They were a lot of fun to feed, though, once I got over their creepiness. They came right up to us to eat and one of them even took bread right out of Gavin's hand...pretty gently.

Once we were done feeding the ducks, we went to the park to play. Gavin and Gary had a blast on the swing, and we all had a good time walking around.

We came home and ate lunch and put Gavin down for a nap. I took a nap, too.

After nap time was Pokeo's. You get to choose two hand made cookies to sandwich the handmade ice cream of your choice for the yummiest (and most evil) treat ever. It was pretty delicious. We then went to Toys R Us to get some stuff for little G and then went to Central Market for a light dinner (after the evil snack).

It was a great day, and weekend, to spend with my family. The weather was perfect. The company was perfect. I can't believe I get a whole day to myself, to do what I want just because I have the BEST job in the world...Momma.

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