Monday, March 22, 2010

Mr. Independent

At almost 13 months old, Gavin is becoming so independent. He plays by himself, staying busy for what seems like hours! I can only keep his attention for a few minutes with some silly puzzle or singing animal toy. Then, it's off to doing, well...whatever it is he wants to do. Most times, it's playing with things that do not belong to him...the remote (T.V., Wii, radio), cell phones, anything behind the wet bar, Jack's toys, shoes, Gary's gym or work bag, my purse or diaper bag, the DVD's in the coffee table. You get the point.

I love it when he plays the game of "yuck". It's his way of going around and touching the things he's not supposed to. The other day he walked from one thing to another correctly declaring them "yuck". First, he walked to the garbage can in the kitchen. Yuck. Then, he moved to the bathroom and pointed at the toilet. Yuck. He then walked into the laundry room where I heard Gary say, "No baby. That's not yuck". Gary was wrong. Gavin was pointing to and touching the garbage can in the laundry room. That is also yuck.

Another sign of independence came yesterday at dinner time. Normally, I fix things that Gavin can pick up with his fingers (because he will not let me feed him). Lately, we have been practicing with the spoon. This is what happens when dada, uh, "helps" Gavin eat with a spoon.

Good job, boys. I don't think either one of them really get it ;)
I'm happy that he is finding his independence, but in a way, I'm sad to see him grow up. I know I'm going to wake up one morning, and we'll be dropping him off at least that's what other people have said!! I'll just have to make a point to capture, and relish, every moment from now until college!!

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