Monday, December 14, 2009


Gary and I decided that it would be romantic, and yummy, to make s'mores the other night. So, we lit up the chiminea, gathered our goodies, bundled up in our least attractive yet warmest attire and headed to our deck to make s'mores. It was REALLY cold outside, so I made some hot chocolate, too. We took a couple of the metal chairs that are normally outside and put them in front of the fire. We also had a cardboard box sitting around that we thought would be a great table (in hindsight, not so smart...but nothing caught on fire...except several marshmallows!)

It was a great time! We had time to chill out, literally, and talk without any distractions. Well, without any big distractions. Well, Jack was there. Anyway, Gary taught me the fine art of roasting a marshmallow. I'm a pretty inpatient person. I want instant gratification, so I torched my marshmallow and didn't put it out until it was resting on top of my chocolate, gently nuzzled by my Graham cracker. Gary has tons more patience. He let the marshmallow warm up and get a delightful golden brown.

I realized that we looked like homeless people that night. Neither one of us wanted to wear anything nice, since it would probably smell like smoke, but it was cold outside and we needed to bundle up. Add a random cardboard box and fire, and there you go. The only thing missing was the bridge.

After several s'mores, a sick tummy from eating too many s'mores, smokey clothes and numb fingers, we decided to go inside. It was a lot of fun! I look forward to doing it again. I can't wait until Gavin is old enough to enjoy doing stuff like that, too!

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