Sunday, September 30, 2012

Four months old

It's hard to believe my baby girl is already 4 months old! 

We had her 4 month old appointment this week. Emaline is growing well! She is 15 pounds and 25 inches the 75th and 90th percentile, respectively. She also has a big, uh, brain. She officially has two teeth...bottom center.  She is a drooling machine!

She's so big, and yet still so small.  She is quite the character and is described by most as a "pepper".  She is "talking", but yells, and screams like a grown woman, too.  Sometimes.  Other times she is the calmest, sweetest little thing.  She loves her big brother!  You can tell she just wants to jump up and join in with him while he's playing!  He was responsible for her very first laugh...which kinda sounds like gas pains :) She also responds to Dada, even on FaceTime.  He sings her a little song that always makes her smile..."Standin' tall, Emaline...standin' tall, Emaline!"

I love how she plays with her toes and her hands.  It's infuriating and precious the way she cries when waking up from a nap and then gives you the biggest smile when you walk in the room.  She's almost surprised and thrilled to see you.  She was sleeping through the night, but it's been disrupted.  It seems like she wakes up 30 minutes earlier every morning.  The last couple of days, she wakes up every 30 minutes to an hour...but always happy to see you. 

I think she's beautiful and such a blessing to our family.  We all love her so much!

"Who, me?"
Beautiful, sans bow.
Tummy time!

Look at the cute little body!
Teething...she looks deranged.
Half cry and half smile.
Getting so good at grabbing things!

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