Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vacation 2011

What a week.  The front end and back end were tough with all of the driving...12 + hours total from Dallas to Orange Beach, AL.  We stopped off in New Orleans on the way to the beach to spend a night with my sister.  We celebrated a belated birthday for me at my sisters house with a BBQ and doberge cake.  YUM!  My mom and Michelle and Leonard came over to my sister's house to celebrate with us.  It was a great time!  Although I was so tired of driving!  Literally!

But, we woke up the next morning and did it again.  We went to lunch with the family and then headed out to the beach.  Gavin was an angel during our driving.  He watched TV, slept and talked to us.  He took the drive better than I did.  The drive to the beach was great until we hit the exit to the beach....then there was traffic. And a lot of it!  It was hectic getting checked in and getting dinner.  Gavin finally started to get cranky.  We told him we were going to the beach, and he wanted a damn beach! We finally took him to the beach and he loved it.  The waves chased us for a little while and then we went up to our condo to settle in for the night.  

Every morning we woke up around the same time and did the same thing:  breakfast, beach, pool, lunch, nap, pool/beach, dinner, bath,  nite nite.  On Tuesday night, we actually bathed and went to a nice dinner.  All other days and nights we hung around and cooked and ate at the condo.  It was fantastic!  I loved not getting in the car for 5 days!

Gavin loved the ocean!  He didn't want to get out.  He also did not want to be put down.  He wanted someone to hold him the whole time.  He loved the waves and classified them as either "bumpy" waves and "splashy" waves.  The splashy waves were bad.  They got into his eyes and mouth, and he. did. not. like. it!  He did love the bumpy waves.  The last couple of days, he really enjoyed the sand and running on the beach.  He also learned to appreciate the "big boy" pool.  

We had a few visitors.  Nana and Paw Paw came up for a couple of days and so did GiGi, Josh and his friend Bryce.  Gavin was especially glad to see GiGi.  When she got there, no one else really mattered.  He wanted GiGi to bathe him, read him a book, tell him a story and put him to bed.  

It really was a great time had by all!  It was relaxing and fun, overall.  Can't wait to go again next year!! 

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our week...

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