Thursday, January 13, 2011

My boy...

It seems like over the last couple of days, Gavin has really started talking and budding quite a personality. There are many words that would describe him, but if I had to choose one word, it would be: comedian. I wonder if that is any surprise considering his parents. He is so funny and silly. He has great comedic timing and knows how to make us laugh. And when he does make you laugh, he mimics you! He knows falling is funny and invites you to partake. He knows it's funny to make you look away and then tickle you. He has the best little laugh I have ever heard.

I would also describe him as good natured. OK, that's two words, but those words are fitting. He is very rarely rattled by things that we do. Gary can tease him about something, and he just laughs about it. He is so easy to get along with.

I think he is a little shy, too. When there are a bunch of people around or a few people he doesn't know, he is a little observer. He is very quiet and just watches. Then, when and if he feels comfortable, he lets his inner comedian loose!

Other adjectives that describe him: persistent, goal oriented, sweet, lovable, sensitive.

He's speaking so well over the last couple of days. And, his memory and direction following blow me away.

For example, this week was very cold and we've stayed inside most of the week. I decided to bundle us up and run a couple of errands. We talked about looking for fire wood, so we could light a fire in the fire place tonight. He kept talking about "wood" and "light fire in fireplace". When we got home, he helped me unload the wood. I was unsure about lighting the fire myself (he was very disappointed we had to wait) and I told him we had to wait until Da Da got home. He seemed to forget about it pretty quickly and went off to play. As soon as Gary walked through the door tonight, he grabbed his hand and said, " 'mon DaDa, light fire". Gary said OK and then stated we needed our fire starter (giant lighter). Gavin proceeded to the drawer where we keep that lighter and fetched it for Gary. We lit a fire, and everyone was happy.

Later that night, Gavin was on the changing table and started to fuss. Gary was putting his diaper and pajamas on, and I walked over to him and asked him why he was upset. Me: "Baby, what do you want?" Gavin: "Um, beans and applesauce!" Me: "OK, I'm going to go warm up some beans, but you can't have anymore applesauce tonight. Would you like some yogurt?" Gavin: "Heat up beans, and NOOOO applesauce (waving his finger in the air), only yogurt!" He repeated that a couple of times and then when he heard the microwave go off, he looked up at us and said, "They're ready!" So, we went to sit down and eat our beans and yogurt. I was feeding him because I didn't want him to dirty his pajamas. He looked at me and took the yogurt and said, "I hold it!" And he did.

Today was a great day and a reminder that he is growing up so fast. I hope I can cherish every moment.

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