Monday, November 8, 2010

Zoo to Do 2010

This past Saturday, our friends invited us to Zoo to Do at the Dallas zoo. In a nutshell, it was really cool! When we first walked in, there were a couple of different keepers with animals. One was an armadillo that folded up into this perfect little ball. His head tucked in on the upper right and his tail tucked in to the lower left. There was also a chinchilla, penguins, a snake, and a porcupine.

An armadillo ball.
The porcupine was really kinda cute. His keeper tried to keep him up on his little stoop by feeding him biscuits (BTW, porcupines prefer their biscuits soaked in water), but he just kept throwing them on the floor. He just wanted be held by the keeper...just like a spoiled child!

Penguins. They didn't really do anything cool. They did smell like fish.

Gary and I at the front entrance.
Tina and I with the really tall man.
We made our back to the animal exhibits. There is a new portion of the zoo that is really cool. You get to see the animals really close up.
This was really cool. The front of this truck was outside of the exhibit and the bed of the truck was inside of the exhibit, obviously separated by a piece of glass. There was a piece of meat tied to the back of the truck that lured the cheetahs so we could get a really good look at them.

This was the coolest thing of the night! We got to feed the giraffes lettuce and crackers. They come right up to you and eat out of your hand! You're not allowed to touch them, but I just want to nuzzle this little guy. They're awfully skittish.
Gary, me, Tina and Jonathan
Our first self portrait in a while
"Tinathan" They love it when we call them that :)
The boys
The girls
So, after we mingled with the animals, we headed back to the dinner area. There were about 25 booths set up from great places all over Dallas. We got to sample some food from each one. One of my favorite booths was the coffee one! It was pretty cold outside, so the hot beverage was much, they spiked our coffee with Baileys. YUM!
We went back to sit at our table and listened to the live auction. There was also a silent auction, but I didn't see anything I was that interested in bidding on. Gary was pretty intent on bidding on something. Suddenly, something caught Gary's eye. He saw "Thanksgiving tradition with the Cowboys" and asked what it was. I secretly thought, "Who gives a crap, it's the Cowboys" Well, the Cowboys are playing the Saints this year on Thanksgiving! Sure enough, it was 6 tickets to a suite on the 50 yard line!! No one bid on it! So, Gary and I briefly discussed whether or not we would bid and what would be our limit. After a nervous hour, we discovered we won the tickets!! How cool is that!?

It was a wonderful night filled with unique experiences, good friends, stiff drinks and great food! And, we get to go see the Saints play!

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