Monday, October 25, 2010

New Orleans trip

Recently, Gary, Gavin and I went to New Orleans for a friends wedding. Gavin did so great on the plane again! We did have three seats to ourselves. That, my friends, is the the way to fly! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so I only have a couple of dinky pictures from my phone.

Saturday night was Yudi's wedding. We had a blast dancing to the old school music and being with old friends. Congratulations Yudi!

My sister has a 10 acre spread in New Orleans with so much land! They even have a lake. The main way they get around is by 4 wheeler. We made the mistake of bringing Gavin on a 4-wheeler because from the minute he woke up to the time he went to bed, he was saying "I want that!" while pointing to the garage. We explored all over my sister's property. We saw spiders, and bugs, and water. Fred, my sister's Catahoula, herded us the whole time. He nipped at the tires and ran along side of the 4-wheeler anytime we were on it! Wasn't hard to keep up...I think the fasted we moved was 7 mph!

My mom, sister, Alexis, Gavin and I went to a wildlife refuge in Folsom, LA...aka BFE! It took us over an hour to get there. Luckily, Gavin napped in the car. This place was really cool! There were four covered wagons pulled by a tractor. You could buy cups of feed to bribe the animals to come up to you. Some animals followed behind the wagon the whole time. At times, it was pretty creepy. You turn around and there's some animal giving you snifters! Some animals took your cup, some would bite your hands (zebras), some you could feed out of your hands (giraffes), some made there tongue a cylinder so you could dump food down it's throat. I don't think Gavin appreciated it too much at this age. He was tired and hot, and it was an hour and a half ride! He had a decent time, though. He love hanging out with Aunt Gina!

One day while in New Orleans, we met dad, Ellie, Michelle and Leonard in the Quarter. Ellie's dad, Paw Paw Howard, has a little apartment in the Quarter, so we met there. We walked along the river to see the boats and the water. Gavin loved that. We also saw a sand bar with "WOH DAT?" written on it by a well intentioned fan. Not smart or not sober...I'm guessing both. I mean, who misspells who? Anyway, we continued to walk and had a picnic of shrimp po boys and gumbo for dinner. After frolicking in Jackson Square, we headed over the Cafe Du Monde for some beignets. Gavin LOVED the beignets (duh?).

Gavin wanted some of Paw Paw's drink, so he made him some "coffee" by mixing up some milk, imaginary sugar and water. Gavin drank it up!!! Go Paw Paw!
We had so much fun visiting with family and friends. I wish they all lived closer...

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